Mission Statement

Established in 1985 and incorporated as Skyl-Tech, Inc. in 1988, we are dedicated to supplying the pharmaceutical, food, electronics and aerospace industries, and OEM's to these industries, with temperature sensors and FEEDTHRU™ sealing glands for validation and monitoring studies in autoclaves, ovens, freeze dryers, and isolators.

Today we are a world leader in specialty thermocouples and FEEDTHRUs™ with an extensive line of precision products developed to meet our customers' specific needs. We pride ourselves on delivering quality products along with unparalleled customer service. Twenty-five years of sensor design and hands-on validation experience go into every product and service we offer.

We will continue to develop new products to address customer needs and improve existing products to remain the premier supplier of precision thermocouples and FEEDTHRUs™.

Contact Info

Skyl-Tech, Inc.
118 Hidden Trail
North Plainfield, NJ 07060

Phone: 908.561.8533
Fax: 908.561.4827